JULIE ANNE ELLEM: Creating an Offshore Team for Quality Work

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Julie (aka Jewlz) Ellem began Catalyst Plus in 2011 to provide high-end accounting advice and value to help family-run businesses grow. In under two years of working with TOA she has onboarded 5 team members in the Philippines and is now enjoying her weekends again. Jewlz talks about figuring out what tasks to outsource, how it has benefited her and her clients, and communicating with her offshore team.


  • Why offshoring?
  • How to figure out what to outsource
  • Gaining a better work-life balance
  • Growing business during COVID-19


My biggest regret is that I didn’t offshore earlier. I was too busy worried about what other people would say, what they’d believe in me.

If you are going to deliver quality work, your clients will thank you. They don’t care where the work is done.

When we’re creating a team, we actually need to look at ourselves and see where our strengths and weaknesses lie and then hire the people to fill the gap for our weaknesses.

On growing during COVID-19:

Now is our time to deliver the best and deliver amazing service to our clients at the time they need us most and that is only going to generate a lot more loyalty.

On growing your business or team:

Hire for personality, train for functionality.

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