RCR PARTNERS: Strategies and Efficiencies in Business

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Nick talks with Alessio Roscio, Mathew Ciccarello, and Richard Hrovatin of RCR Partners, an integrated business services and personal wealth advisory firm. They discuss their strategies of working with their team of 30 including 9 offshore team members and why starting with at least 2 offshore team members is a best practice. 


  • Setting up an offshore team quickly 
  • Documenting procedures and processes 
  • Training for team members 
  • Nurturing and growing the team 


On setting up an offshore team: 

So the three most critical things to spend time on, I would say training and development on the staff that you hired, having your systems and processes in place internally, and then probably your team and pod structures so that way that workflow is managed well.
– Richard

Having that offshore team has really enabled us to scale and grow from there.

– Richard 

On documentation:

It gives the staff a clear roadmap to follow, leaving no doubt how they should execute. And from that perspective to a means we don’t have to constantly repeat ourselves and duplicate time. So it’s created great efficiency.

– Mathew

Offshoring benefiting clients:

It’s really allowed us as a management team to devote a large portion of time to finding value-added services for clients and just making sure that client service is maximized 100 percent. So we freed up more time for us and it allows us to be proper business advisers and really focus.

– Mathew

Advice for growing business/team:

I think leverage is the key. I think once you learn how to leverage properly, whether it’s processes, technology, knowledge, relationships, that’s the key.

– Alessio

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