HEATHER PORTER: Shifting Business Models to Provide Value

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Heather Porter, Marketing Director of Drill Down Solution shares how offshore employees help to increase profits and contribute to happier onshore employees. Drill Down Solution is an accounting and consulting firm in Utah that specializes in providing solutions for the dental industry. Heather discusses the company’s focus on providing value to their clients and how having an offshore team assists with this mission.


  • Motivations in beginning offshoring
  • Building an offshore team while shifting business models
  • Expectations of team members
  • Mission and values


On managing an offshore team:

Be clear on what you want from an offshore team and really set expectations, not only for the offshore team but also with your internal team, of what that looks like.

Great people equal great business and we have great people that are helping us build a great business.”

On offshoring’s effect on profitability:

We can take on more clients than we’ve been able to in the past…our profit margin is starting to grow a little bit because of that.

Learn to be vulnerable with your clients as well as your team members, because it makes you more of a person…it’s a strength because it really builds relationships and connections, which is really what all business is about.

On myth’s about offshoring:

You can’t have offshore people do the same things that people in the office can do. And that’s not true at all. With the technology that we have today, there’s really nothing that people can’t do.

On finding the right people:

On finding the right people: “Every company has its mission and values and if you have people who don’t really want to participate in that mission or values, then you’re not going to get the cohesion and the success that you want.

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