TONY LUMTIN: Get Started Early For A Successful Offshoring Journey

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Selecting an offshore service provider requires careful research but it’s important to get started as early as you can. This week’s guest, Tony Lumtin of TJL Business Advisors & Accountants emphasizes the importance of starting early, and not taking 2 years like they did. He also discussed key offshoring strategies for improving people, processes, and procedures.


  • Jumpstarting your offshoring journey
  • Challenges (and motivation) to finding good quality staff
  • Importance of client visits and getting face-to-face training
  • Getting to know your team more


“You need to spend a lot of time every day (with your offshore team); you need to be checking in and making sure everything is okay.”

“Training is a big thing for my offshore team, they love it.”

“I’ve always been a believer in over-resourcing.”

Don’t be afraid of what people may think, just do it and live by it. Things are always working out really well for me.”

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