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Boyce Chartered Accountants: ‘A Deep Understanding of the People We Serve’

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You can tell when an accounting firm is deeply connected to its community. Their commitment shows up in the high quality and relevance of the information and advice they provide, as well as how present they are at community events.  
For Boyce Chartered Accountants, this means “seamlessly connecting country and city Australia, fostering relationships that stand the test of time.” In 2023, Boyce again landed in the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Accounting Firms, an honour they received in time for the firm’s 50th anniversary celebration. 

“Boyce Chartered Accountants is a regional accounting firm. One of the largest components of our client base is primary producers, and we provide business advice to them. We do accounting services for regionally based businesses, super funds, wealth, tax advisory, and audit, all exciting stuff. The whole gamut,” said Carmen Caldwell, Boyce’s Managing Director, in an interview during TOAcon 2023 in November.

Unveiling growth opportunities

A key part of “the whole gamut” at Boyce is providing advice, whether it’s:

  • Updating clients about new funding opportunities for farming communities; 
  • Showing university students the many rewards of building a career in regional Australia;  
  • Helping clients and future accountants understand the nuances of financial issues in agriculture; and 
  • Explaining trends in regional growth.

As the firm explains on its LinkedIn page, “Navigating the intricacies of financial landscapes requires more than expertise; it demands a deep understanding of regulations, market trends, and, above all, the people we serve.”

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Boyce celebrates 50 years

As of 2023, Boyce Chartered Accountants operated offices in Cooma, Dubbo, Goulburn, Moree, Orange, and Wagga Wagga in regional New South Wales, as well as Sydney and Canberra. It serves a vast range of clients, from family businesses to large international corporations. 

Like many firms, it faces the challenge of finding accounting talent. 
“In the last couple of years, our business has had steady growth since COVID-19. In fact, if we could build, if we could get more talent, we could grow quicker, and the growth would be around providing advisory services to our clients,” Carmen explained.

Offshoring as a growth strategy for accounting firms

“Part of our growth strategy is partnering with TOA Global so that we can build our team both here (in Australia, where the firm has more than 150 full-time staff) and in the Philippines. Our growth is about providing advice to clients and moving away from just compliance. These are exciting times for our firm.” 
It provides scholarship grants and organises educational programs “to move our brilliant technicians out of the space of compliance and help them develop skills to be advisors for our clients.” 

So, at TOAcon 2023 on the Gold Coast, the Boyce Team spent some time catching up with TOA Global’s Chief Information Officer Ben Fisher, “who gave us loads of insight into how we could structure our technology.” 
“I think automating our processes will be something that we’ll focus on as well as being able to deep-dive into data for us and our clients to make good decisions,” Carmen added. 

As a TOA Global client, Boyce also enjoys access to our technology platforms, which are designed and built to ease people management in global teams. 

What’s the Boyce managing director’s advice for other firms like them? “Our key focus is building a strong shared services team. So, that’s our relationship with TOA Global. Invest heavily in the people that are managing that team, develop them, and grow shared services.” 

Meaningful career growth, onshore and offshore

Carmen herself has been with Boyce for 28 years, starting in the Audit Team while she worked on completing her accounting degree, then holding various roles in advisory and finance.  

She has stayed with the firm “because I believe in the community of our team and clients, and I believe in the impact that we have on their success. I really value our unique connections, and Boyce has enabled me to have a fantastically challenging and exciting career.” 
TOA Global has seen first-hand how well Boyce integrates their offshore team with the rest of the firm, making sure to include them in educational opportunities and team celebrations. When an offshoring partnership works well, it creates opportunities for meaningful career growth both onshore and offshore.

Boyces shared services team visits Sydney

Boyce’s shared services team visits Sydney

Like Boyce Chartered Accountants, we value our deep connections with accountants and the communities they serve.  
Since 2013, TOA Global has recruited, hired, supported, and trained more than 3,700 elite accounting professionals for more than 1,000 growing firms in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, among other countries. 
Offshoring for accounting firms is one effective strategy for unlocking growth in one’s community, both local and global.  

Let’s talk about how offshoring can support your firm’s goals for this year.