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TOA Global virtual assistants make support their focus so you can concentrate on growing and managing your firm and clients. Decide which roles, skills or tasks you want outsourced and your TOA team will then work for you in all facets of recruitment, onboarding, training and retention.

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Meet A TOA Team Member

Meet Tom Ricafort, a Virtual Assistant. He has a bachelor’s degree in hotel and restaurant management, from Saint Mary’s Angels College of Pampanga. 

While he had the option to pursue a job based on his college degree, Tom says he wanted to change lanes after he graduated. He did not want to limit himself so he decided to look for a role that would provide him with global experience, a constant drive to be better, and a higher purpose – one that goes beyond just making a living. Enter TOA Global. Tom now takes pride in his role and how it enables him to contribute to the overall success of the business.  

Having a degree that’s related to hospitality comes in handy. Tom says he applies what he learned in college to providing a great client experience. For him, providing what clients will need in the future and not just what they need right now is an essential aspect of ensuring client success.  

Wouldn’t you like someone like Tom on your team?

Virtual Assistant - Tom Ricafort

What you get with a TOA Virtual Assistant

Through TOA, you can recruit a talented virtual assistant to help your team at home manage corporate secretarial tasks. 

Your friendly virtual assistant will help free up your time by managing your calendar and email, making travel arrangements, setting up meetings, and handling anything else that might be bogging you down. 

Responsibilities our virtual assistants can take on include:

  • Office Systems

    Developing and maintaining office systems, including data management and filing
  • Inquiries Handling

    Screening inquiries and requests, and handling them when appropriate. Dealing with incoming email and post, often corresponding on behalf of the manager
  • Documents

    Producing documents, briefing papers, reports and presentations
  • Scheduling

    Organizing meetings and ensuring the manager is well prepared for meetings
  • General Administration

    Assisting team members with general administration tasks. Bookkeeping tasks, managing invoices, expenses and billings
  • Client and Staff Liaison

    Building and developing relationships with clients, business partners and staff
  • Research, Marketing, Social

    Handling varied tasks, including research, marketing, and social media tasks

Qualifications and skills

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All of our virtual assistants are friendly and personable with strong communication skills.
Typical experience and qualifications include:

  • +Experience

    Work experience as a Corporate Secretary
  • +Software

    Experience with systems including Xero/XPM, Now Infinity, Microsoft Office
  • +Knowledge

    Knowledge of process management
  • +Time management

    Excellent time-management skills

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