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How Offshoring Helped Gheen and Co. Double Their Business Growth

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Solving workload issues: The beginning of a challenge
With a growing demand for their services, Gheen and Co. initially wanted to scale up, but their resources did not allow them to expand their capacity locally at that time. This has caused Mark and his team to work beyond their usual shifts just to meet their client’s needs. Knowing that this practice wasn’t sustainable for his firm in the long run, Mark was on the hunt for a cost-effective business solution that would solve their capacity issues without having to deal with ballooning overhead costs.

Working with TOA: An evolving partnership

Offshore accounting eventually found its way through Gheen and Co. through TOA. As with most companies, the firm was curious but also cautious about the idea of offshoring some of their functions, but they made the brave decision of giving it a try. In February 2018, Gheen and Co. hired one staff member through TOA. Since then, the Gheen and Co. has seen TOA as a strategic partner for the growth of their firm. The firm is now reaping the benefits of the offshoring, including having a skilled global team who has contributed to the 100% growth of the business within a year. They’ve also grown their offshore team today to six staff members.

Aside from experiencing the benefits of offshoring, Mark also definitely enjoys connecting with his offshore team in the Philippines, where he even attended the Ignite Conference to personally visit them. It was important for Mark to meet the people who were supporting their clients and to build rapport with them as well. During the event, Mark was also able to grow his professional network by touching base with TOA executives and fellow accounting peers.

Having more time: Improving business growth and customer relationships significantly.

So where did TOA make the biggest impact to Mark and his firm? As you’ll see in the video, Mark stated that TOA has given their US-based CPA team the freedom to build and strengthen their relationship with their clients. In the process, their local team members have become better customer relationship managers who are now focused on handling one-off, complex challenges as well as practice proactive communication with their clients.
Mark now has a trusted offshore team in the form of their six TOA staff members who complete their month-in, month-out deliverables. Because of their competent global team, Gheen and Co. was not only able to nurture their business growth but also their client engagement.

We’ve seen in Gheen and Co.’s case that some business decisions such as adopting offshoring or outsourcing models can be risky, but with an experienced and reliable outsourcing partner, you’re off to a promising start.

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