DAVID ROSS: Achieving More Locally with Offshoring

David Ross of Direction Accounting and Super Coach with over 25 years of accounting experience shares advice on making the transition to an offshoring model as quickly as possible. He lays out the process he has used to train offshore team members and describes how he keeps them engaged in the business. David also talks about how his offshore staff has allowed his local team to spend more time with clients. 


  • Benefits of a cloud-based system 
  • Training your offshore team 
  • Challenging team members 
  • Decreasing turnaround time on projects 
  • Growing your team and business 


Quick 5-in-5 

Cloud Software Used: Xero 

Favorite App: Business Sorter 

Must Read Each Week: Anything non-fiction preferably music-related 

Favorite Social Media: Facebook 

Favorite KPI: Number of sales meetings