JANE POLLARD: Improve Firm Efficiencies By Creating Capacity

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Jane Pollard didn’t know she needed capacity until she landed a $40,000-client and didn’t have enough people to do the work. Luckily, we were there to provide the solution: a remote global team. 

In this episode, Jane and I talked about: 

  • Why you need to get capacity as early as possible 
  • When is the right time to start building your global accounting team? 
  • Developing and empowering your staff 
  • Gaining the confidence to grow your business 
  • Benefits of having a global team


“I don’t believe I can grow without outsourcing.”

“My daily life is now different because I am no longer a hands-on accountant and not on the tools anymore.”

“We were so disorganized. We are so much better now. [Offshoring] allowed us to look over everything.”

“I was losing myself; I was drowning in work. I am still busy but it is now more about delegating; it can only get better.”

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