DES WHYTE: Leveraging Disruption To Achieve Results

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With the accelerated pace by which cutting-edge technology and new-age practices are disrupting the accounting industry, many firms struggle to keep up. Discover how Des Whyte used disruption to his advantage and build a high-performing offshore team that delivers results.


  • Adapt and Overcome: Taking Full Advantage of Disruptive Technology
  • Breaking Myths: Proving The Non-believers of Offshoring Wrong
  • Best Practices: Engaging Your Offshore Team
  • Armed and Ready: Preparing Your Firm For Future Disruption


“In May last year, 2017, we attended a workshop put on by our great friends, Ed Chan and David Naylor, from Chan & Naylor. We saw TOA present at that workshop, and the holistic way that TOA had gone about the whole outsourcing service was amazing—the quality was first rate from recruitment, training, retention, office space, security.”

“How has offshoring benefitted us? We do jobs better, easier, faster, and cheaper—which is what I want from all my suppliers and what our clients want from us.”

“I look at your TOA organisation, and the only reason I use you is that you have an irresistible service or product. An irresistible service or product to me is a service that is better, easier, faster, and cheaper than competitors.”

“You may think you have a choice, that offshoring is nice to have, not a have to have. That is 100% false; 95% of the average accounting firms in Australia will NOT be in business in 10 years if they do not offshore.”

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