TROY TOWNLEY: Overcoming Hurdles In Capacity

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Having capacity built in your business is crucial to growth. In this episode, Troy Townley of HTA Advisory discussed how his firm was able to create capacity and build an offshore team of highly skilled accountants.


  • Understanding the pros and cons of building an offshore team
  • Benefits of documentation
  • Importance of appointing a champion
  • Enhancing capacity
  • Forging close relationships with clients
  • Generating extra revenue


“Develop a team member; have them grow.”

“Develop skill sets to make them well-rounded accountants”

“We like to practice what we preach.”

“Clients often ask us how to implement offshoring themselves; we have been able to provide assistance and how they can do that with their own businesses.”

“We are able to react a lot quicker when there’s demand from clients.”

“It’s important to have that plan and put it in place”

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