SCOTT COSTAIN: Scalability Achieved Through Offshoring

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In his pursuit of sustainable growth, Scott hired three SMSF processing team members, two tax specialists/bookkeepers, and one admin team member for his offshore team. Combined with effective implementation of the right systems and processes, they increased capacity so local team members can do more high-end value-added work for their clients.


  • It’s All About The Process
  • Clarity on How To’s is of Utmost Importance
  • The Right People for The Right Roles is Key
  • Setting Expectations at The Onset


“We have a measure of recovery time (WIP billed) against the cost of production, and when reviewing the offshore division, the profit is very healthy.”

“Your onshore staff will feel threatened and leave. No not true. Onshore staff have taken it on and are relieved to some end that certain levels of work they no longer are doing!”

“I would advise them to ensure that they have their systems as to how the offshoring process is going to work, very well-documented and laid out, so that there is structure in the process.”

“Don’t try and take on everything. You simply can’t do it!”

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