LES SEARLE: Improving Client Service, Doubling Profits

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In this episode, I interviewed Les Searle, Business Manager at Careful Books Your Business Growth Partner for The Offshore Accountant. Les has improved client service cost-effectively and built a strong relationship with his offshore team resulting to less errors and improved profits. If you are looking for effective ways to solve problems and ensuring positive output while maintaining a highly efficient team, make sure to check out this episode.


  • Improving client service
  • Ensuring data security
  • Investing time on training
  • Building relationships with offshore team
  • Monitoring productivity for each type of work


“Don’t treat the offshore staff any differently than the rest.  Don’t expect them to know everything. Don’t just give them work and expect it to be done.”

“It’s not true that outsourced staff is good for low-value work. They are very responsive, show initiative and are great people to work with.”

“Invest time in training. It’s a costly exercise but it pays off.”

“On managing an offshore team: Take the time to explain what’s required. Point them in the right direction. Be there for them to provide assistance when needed.”

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