JUSTIN FLAVEL: Recover Your Margins By Gaining Capacity

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In this episode, I interviewed Justin Flavel, Managing Director of Omnis Group, for The Offshore Accountant podcast. The choice to offshore has helped them build capacity and regain margins. It also paved the way for adding more offered services and allowed them to focus on increasing productivity for the team.

Flavel shared how their search for an integral model landed them here in the Philippines where they were able to build a team that helped improve profits.

Eventually, offshoring allowed the firm to get more capacity to fulfill the amount of work required of them.


  • Building capacity to regain profit margins
  • Offshoring journey from Vietnam to the Philippines
  • Expectations and accountabilities for team members
  • Continuous development for staff


“Offshoring has allowed us more capacity to deal with the volume of work we have to get through.”

“Challenge all the things that are in a traditional business model and see what you can enhance, change, offshore, and develop.”

“Ensure you always have time to live.”

“Listen to others who have done it. Take the pieces that resonate with you and implement.”

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