RYAN ADDINSALL: Betting On Offshoring And Winning Big

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In this episode with Ryan Addinsall, Director of LPR Advisory, we talk about how a progressive accounting firm took the plunge and reaped the benefits of offshoring. Solving issues on capacity and talent quality, Ryan and his team not only improved efficiency, increased productivity and gained more business, they were able to build more meaningful relationships within the team and with clients! How to hit the mark like Ryan did? Listen in.


  • Issues with capacity and quality talent prompting us to offshore
  • Starting the relationship right with your offshore team
  • A small team bringing huge opportunities
  • Crushing the “Them versus Us” mentality
  • The importance of care and trust in the business


On Communication:

Keep asking for feedback on what needs to be addressed/improved, so you are not treading water.

To be able to operate a business with a team that is 6,000 km away with no issues around language, culture, technology was eye-opening! It makes you think what other outside-the-box solutions I can find to other business challenges that I just haven’t thought of yet.

If you are in it [offshoring] just for cheap labour, you are probably taking the wrong approach.

We have found offshoring a great solution to our frustrations with local staffing, being able to grow the capacity of the team quickly, with a large pool of willing candidates for future growth.

Accounting is still very much a trust game, and although trust is moving online, like Twitter and review sites, a glowing recommendation from a close friend makes a huge difference.

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