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8 Accounting Lead Generation Ideas for CPA Firms (That Actually Work)

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The best accounting firms out there are known to use only reliable and strategic lead gen techniques. When you figure out the right formula for your accounting firm, you’ll be attracting new clients and eventually enable long-term business growth.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the top eight accounting lead generation ideas that our most successful clients are using to grow their firms faster.
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1. Referrals

Be it in the digital space or just word-of-mouth, referrals mean expanding your network, having the right resources tapped, and attracting quality accounting leads in turn. And because your target market spends more time online now than ever, you must make sure that you have a good online presence.

Consider partnering up with similar firms, reaching out to potential partners, and remaining visible and reachable through guesting on relevant platforms so that people are aware of you and what your firm does. In spotlighting the digital space, below are some relevant and helpful lead generation ideas for accounting firms.

2. Website Optimization

Optimizing your website may not give you hot leads right away, but it adds up through time. Some elements involved in website optimization include punchy popups and landing pages with quality user interface (UI) and tailored user experience (UX) for your accounting clients.

Meanwhile, visual assistance like informative videos, strong social proof, and powerful CTAs also help a lot in reaching the right networks for accounting lead generation. Below are some website optimization techniques you can implement right away.


In generating leads for accounting, popups bring a sense of urgency when presenting the key offer of your company. Contrary to some findings that popups discourage and annoy audiences, the conversion rate for popups goes up to around 50% to 60%.

Some popups that clients find especially helpful include e-book downloads for tax filing and funnel popups as a lead magnet. As for placing, most popups yield the best results when placed on the homepage.
funnel popips for accounting leads

Landing Pages

It’s been proven that poor-quality landing pages fail to convert when it comes to lead generation for accounting firms. That’s why user interface (UI) matters – make it clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Especially designed to accomplish specific goals, quality landing pages are useful in generating accounting leads through the following:
  • Accounting online quizzes
  • Diagnostic questionnaires
  • Consultation booking for accounting firms

Explainer Videos

In accounting lead generation, videos help your audience visualise your value proposition. Be it testimonials, case studies, or accounting-focused tutorials, explainer videos typically end with attention-grabbing CTAs to motivate and get them to act; specifically, to patronise the services of your accounting firm.
explainer videos for how to get accounting leads

Social Proof

Having any type of social proof on display means easier lead generation for accounting firms. Accounting firm awards from well-known award-giving bodies like Xero Awards and Australian Accounting Awards establishes your CPA firm as a reputable institution. This also earns you some level of public trust.
social proof for accounting leads

Call to Action

Whether it’s a button, statement, or video clip, the CTA or call to action is the push that your prospect needs. Typically found at the bottom of a page, it seals the value proposition of your accounting firm and nudges the target audience to take the next step – to book a consultation with you or to buy a service package.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Having top-ranking articles on search engines like Google is an excellent way to attract good leads. You can use tools like SEMrush or Moz to save time and effort, or just keep in mind these SEO techniques below.

Keyword Research

Knowing the most relevant keywords is key to staying on top of accounting trends. Whether it’s the best types of accounting software in the market, or the most prestigious accounting conferences, you’ll be driving traffic, piquing interest, and generating leads with good keyword research techniques.


A thriving accounting firm needs partners both offline and online. Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links in a page that lead to another page – an example would be a TOA Global blog with external links to the pages of related brands like Xero or the American Accounting Association.

With the right backlinking strategies , your accounting firm can improve its search engine rankings, boost traffic, and increase brand awareness, ultimately adding to your list of bona fide accounting leads.

4. Pay-per-click Advertising

If you want an instant boost to drive traffic to your website, PPC or pay-per-click advertising is your best bet for accounting leads. On top of organic traffic, PPC buys visits to your website, which attracts potential leads for your CPA firm. However, you need to optimise and monitor your campaigns to prevent any losses.

5. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising helps with generating leads for accounting, especially with partner websites that are relevant to the field. Apart from Google Ads, other digital ads platforms your firm can use include LinkedIn Ads and Meta Ads, as these are the top platforms for B2B transactions.

6. Social Media Marketing

Some factors that make for excellent social media marketing for accounting firms include research-backed market trends, a good understanding of social media algorithms, the right timing and scheduling, and the best possible visuals like graphics, photos, and videos. Below are social media marketing strategies that are proven to work.

Content Strategy

Utilizing the appropriate social media platforms like LinkedIn is strategic when targeting hot leads in accounting. Meanwhile, platforms like Instagram are used more often by B2C firms, but they could also be effective. This can be done with the help of ads or sponsored posts that target those who follow your accounting firm account (and other similar accounts).

Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups is also effective when it comes to lead generation for accounting firms. Warm your potential audiences by answering accounting questions and participating in open discussions in that community.

7. Email Marketing

One of the more personalized and targeted growth strategies for accounting firms, email automation sequences are designed for 1-on-1 dialogues – whether these are launch emails for accounting prospects, onboarding sequences for new accounting clients, or engagement emails for repeat clients.

8. Relevant Podcasts

You can reach a larger audience by guesting on accounting-related and other relevant podcasts. Some accounting podcasts include the Accounting Leaders Podcast by Stuart McLeod, the Future Firm Podcast with Ryan Lazanis, and the TOA Global Podcast.

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Note that a good lead generation plan doesn’t require that you do everything on the list – just a handful of lead gen techniques executed consistently can yield impressive results. Once you figure out the right strategy, you can quickly fill available capacity so you can continue to grow your firm.

While knowing the best lead generation practices can point you in the right direction, it won’t suffice if you don’t have the right people with you. Regardless of size, most companies still need help hiring the support staff they want to execute their strategies. This is what TOA Global promises – secure, efficient, and cost-effective offshore accounting professionals to cater to you and your company’s accounting needs.

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